Monday, July 7, 2014

5 creative habits reflection

The first week regarding curiosity and what causes us to stop being curious resulted in these thoughts...

  • virtual experiences get in my way (not so good/interested in looking at others' blogs, posts, and facebooks)
  • being outside, whether immersed in the national forest or in my garden gives me inspiration
  • what causes me to "give up" on a project is that I don't keep the original thought in mind; I become overloaded and don't accomplish anything
  • reading the "Curiosity Manifesto" was enlightening; especially the three designations of passive, inflexible/dogmatic, and inquisitive
  • the top five of actions I could take to ramp up my curiosity include:  read more, reflect on what I read in writing, embrace opportunity, try recipes again, give myself affirmations
The second week on remixing resulted in these thoughts...
  • organic is to let happen, free form   what is found becomes something else   the object, the plant, the space dictates the look, the feel, each year is different
  • because each year is different, because the space/objects dictate its TRUTH > it is what it is:  an honest expression of what I can do with little money, few tools  - my being is reflected without artificial constraints and parameters
  • the truth and the organic nature equals sanctuary, peace, not forced in anyway
The third week on tribes resulted in these thoughts...
  • tribes satisfy a need for belonging
  • three types:  creativity tribe, work tribe, spiritual tribe
  • tribes are different than committees because the creativity and synergy is organic as a result (not forced)
  • tribes are different than the groups identified in the social identity theory (I think) in that tribes are all about inclusion and the social identity theory is more about social comparison or differences
  • learning about tribes helped me understand my husband's passion for being in a band (despite my disliking band members at certain times) because the "band" is a tribe
  • I forgot to put this meal on my "six meals in six word memoir" form:  
    • Nebraska bird hunt pheasant, quail, dove
The fourth week on failing well resulted in these thoughts...
  • I think it brings new opportunities 
  • failing doesn't stand alone:  it inspires creativity and reflection
  • my giant failure was at the freshmen retreat during my second weekend at the University of Denver; I was a loner for the first time in my life that I could remember, I had a terrible feeling I had made a huge mistake enrolling in this school, I was uncomfortable w/ myself and full of self-doubt
  • I failed well and here's what came out of the above experience:  friends who were international students, reached out again and found friends on my floor
  • my "style" is to plunge in and make adjustments along the way
  • I have mini-failures or big ones but that's how I learn for the next time
  • innovation mindset = rejects fear of failure and replaces fear w/ joy of exploration and experimental learning
  • I heard the NPR story on teaching "grit" to students and found it interesting that it was listed in the idea cloud also
  • "grit" is very American/blue collar
The fifth week on reflection resulted in these thoughts...
  • I reflect when:  others' actions make me (what should I have said, how could I steer the moment differently), gardening, self-examination, end of year for school, end of school day
  • I liked the story from the Edutopia article in the idea cloud about victim reflection vs another framework/lens to look at something
  • reality is from one's point of view and doesn't have to be my point of view (and I do this)
  • a lesson I took is that reflection can be broad; it doesn't have to be so narrowly focused; lessons can be applied to other scenerios
I learned a lot.  I also did some things that I never would have using the digital toolbox.  For example, I like the haiku deck site.  I started a Twitter account.  Now I have a blog.  

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  1. Hey fellow tribeswoman! Just getting around to reading all the student final blogs -- and not only did I love your 5 Habits Blog, I was thrilled to see that you are keeping up your exercise blog. What a great way to prep for the Vail 10K!! So glad you took this journey with out and went out of your comfort zone. Hope you join us on our next adventure!